Cosmic Night Shoot – Flash Surf Photography

I had a little go at flash surf photography with my DIY flash set up the other night, I need to tweak my settings to get it more consistent and get rid of the red reflection of the housing in the image (UPDATE – check out the bottom of the post for how to fix this), but some of them came out OK.

When I’ve got the settings dialled in I’ll put up a post with all the settings you need and the kit I’m using.

I upped the saturation and contrast on these to try and bring out the colours in the sea weed and pebbles, it was a shame the waves weren’t a little bigger, I could barely fit the housing and flash inside the tiny tubes, good fun though.

There’s a red halo in the images which comes from the reflection of the red housing in the large dome port I was using, I’ve since managed to get rid of this by changing the settings, if you’re trying this yourself try setting the camera up so that the on board flash doesn’t fire at the same time as the external one.

I’ll show you how to do this on a Canon DSLR soon, I’ve also managed to get it to fire every time and now I’m working on adjusting the angle of the flash for the best possible coverage.

You can read more on flash surf photography in these previous posts:

I’ve stopped using some of the techniques in the series above but they’ll give you a few ideas for getting a flash set-up going before I finish the newer How-To series.

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