DPReview – Top 5 Waterproof Cameras for 2013

This post wont be for everyone who reads this site, but if you’re just starting out, or if you currently don’t have a water housing for your camera, a waterproof camera is worth considering, especially as a backup or travel camera that compliments your current set-up.


The number one is, predictably, the Nikon AW1, which I posted about when it was announced, it looks like a great option and once the prices have dropped I’ll consider getting a second hand one for sure.

Nikon AW-1 waterproof camera
Nikon AW-1 waterproof camera

All the others are point and shoot style compacts with various water proof ratings, I wouldn’t want to take them out in serious surf but I’m sure they would be ideal for casual surf photo’s on a smaller day.

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