Follow Cam – Laurent Pujol And An Example

I’ve put up a couple of posts about the follow cam angle, Laurent Pujol and Seth Stafford being the two main proponents of it that I’ve seen recently.

This is just a quick update after I saw Laurent post a photo of the land angle of him shooting photo’s on Instagram, they are both jet-ski assisted when getting onto the wave:

Benjamin Sanchis being photograp[ehd by Laurent Pujol, via his Instagram page
Benjamin Sanchis being photographed by Laurent Pujol, via his Instagram page
I actually had a chance to try out the follow cam angle a few mornings ago, the waves weren’t very big and didn’t offer up an barres for the in the tube effect but the light was nice and I decided to follow Ross Duerden on one wave whilst filming video with the GoPro Hero 3+ camera to see what it would come out like.

I think it could be worth a go with the proper housing and fisheye set-up if the waves got really good, I’d go for the Seth Stafford style paddle in on a bodyboard, and probably wear a helmet, but I think given the right conditions it could achieve some really good results, this practice shows how hard it is to get the composition right when you’re not super close and locked into a barrel, the rest of the wave had Ross pretty central, but this was the interesting moment.

Frame Grab form the GoPro hero 3+ video


Check out the rest of Laurent’s Instagram feed to see some more of the photo’s of this style that have made it onto the covers of magazines and some out-takes that are equally interesting too.

This post caught my eye the other day too, it’s his minimalist housing purely for this type of shot, made from carbon fibre by CMT Water Housings, it looks like the perfect tool for capturing this type of shot, no need to worry about settings, just a light-weight, strong housing with a trigger release.

Laurent Pujol's simple fisheye housing from CMT
Laurent Pujol’s simple fisheye housing from CMT



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