French Vacation

I’m off for a week of fine wine, good food and hopefully some waves that I haven’t surfed before in France.

I’ve been to France plenty of times before, it being the standard destination for any young British surfer wanting some decent waves over summer, but I’ve only once surfed further North than Hossegor.

This means it’s not likely I’ll get a chance to put up any posts for a few days, but I’ve got a couple of goals for the short trip, as well as enjoying a break from work:

  • Do some 35mm water photography, I’ve got hold of a Canon EOS 630 body, 15mm fisheye and water housing set-up, and I can’t wait to try it out, I’ve had some advice on how to maximise my chances of getting a use-able shot or two, so we’ll see what I can come up with, expect a full post on the subject when I get my films developed after the trip.
  • Explore a whole new part of the French coastline – I’ve never investigated this part of the coast and I’m hopeful there will be some decent waves over the weekend, it certainly looks a little more interesting than endless kilometres of sandy beach that I’m used to when I hit the SW region.

Au revoir for now.

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