GoPro Back Cam Re-visited

I noticed a couple of people with GoPro cameras mounted on their backs at Spot M the other day, I think the mount has been made popular by the use of it during the IBA GoPro Pipeline competition earlier this year.

This is Jonny Roberts using a back cam at Spot M.

The first time I tried this type of mount was on a trip to Scotland in September 2010, I went through several designs and the latest one I posted about on RSKIY, it’s the simplest one and with a couple of tweaks could be the most effective too.

You can read all about it here:

I gave the mount another go recently when the waves were small and got a couple of OK little cover ups with it, I prefer my board rail mount for any wave that only breaks in one direction, but if you’ve got a GoPro and you bodyboard at waves that break left and right it’s worth knocking something like this up.

This shot was taken by Shaun Kerslake, you can see the GoPro on my back if you look closely.

Here’s my angle, and here’s a close up of the back cam set up.

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