GoPro Interchangeable Lens System

This one’s not strictly surf photography related, but it is all to do with GoPro, and it reminded me of something I mentioned in a past post on the future of GoPro’s.

Back-Bone, a Canadian company, is making a product called the Rib Cage, basically it’s a permanent adapter that replaces the front face of your GoPro camera and allows you to use many other types of lenses, you can buy a DIY kit (although the first batch are sold out) or a modified GoPro Hero 3 black camera.

GoPro Rib Cage with Nikon 28mm lens, from
GoPro Rib Cage with Nikon 28mm lens, from

It’s not going to fit in the waterproof case, obviously, and it takes some serious DIY messing about with the camera to install the adapter, but maybe that’s half the fun of this system.

For your average surf photographer it might be useful to use the GoPro system if you’re familiar with it, and it certainly offers some decent frame rates for shooting action video, better than I can get with my DSLR for sure, and even with a decent sized lens attached you’ve got a much smaller package than any DSLR based video kit.

The sample footage looks pretty good, I doubt I’ll be investing, but at $199 for the kit, if you’ve got a GoPro lying around that you’re not using this might be a good introduction to shooting video from the land rather than in the water.


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