Learning Surf Photography Social Media Round-up

I don’t tend to post too much on social media sites, I’m concentrating on developing this site and making it a useful resource for people learning surf photography, so the majority of the photo’s I upload illustrate a technique or, just as often, a mistake I’ve made, but occasionally I see my photo’s picked up by other groups or Facebook pages.

In order to keep track of these social media appearances I’ll put up an occasional round-up of my photo’s that have cropped up elsewhere on line.

This photo of Esteban Escriu that I took at Spot M was used on the Doopamine facebook page.

A Spot M water shot, see more from this session here
A Spot M water shot, see more from this session here

My watermark is there in the corner so at least people can try and find the site if they’re interested, often people will use the share button on Facebook which would create a link back to the learning surf photography page, but in this case the photo was downloaded and uploaded rather than shared I think, a good reason to add a watermark.

A Page called PMBA bodyboarding picked up the shot that was MSW’s photo of the day a little while ago, this time there was no watermark but they did credit me, one of my friends noticed it apparently and tagged me in a comment.


You can read more about this shot and see the whole sequence in my post.


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