Lucia Griggi’s Surf Photography Workshop – April 5th in Newquay

Lucia Griggi is running a one day surf photography workshop in Newquay on the 5th of April, it looks like it covers a lot of ground in one day.

Although it’s aimed at “beginner to intermediate” level it looks like there’s some industry side bits that are very focused on aspiring professionals, and some more general technique and post processing style stuff too.

You need to have a laptop capable of editing photo’s, a DSLR and some photo samples which are vetted before hand by the sounds of it. This counts me out as I don’t have a laptop, I edit photo’s on my desktop and just have a tablet for my mobile computing needs.

It’s £179 which sounds pretty reasonable for a day of in person teaching on such a specific subject.

I can’t find a page on her website for it so here’s a link to the info’ on Wavelengths website:

Incidentally, I noticed that the image used in the promo thing above was used as an example of photo editing and manipulation when I was looking into it in a post about Jeremy Koreski’s new website, it shows the raw image and the finished edit which is pretty interesting, I’m sure the workshop will be useful for finding out how this lookwas achieved, although I doubt the water in Newquay is clear enough to take some example pic’s on the day itself, check out the article here:

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