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I’ve got a second hand Aquatech housing for my Canon 60D, I had been on their website before and seen a lot of out of date information and no information at all about their latest housings and ports, As I’ve mentioned before it seems like they were concentrating on their social media sites to make announcements and not updating their website.

Aquatech Website homepage featuring surf photo by Russel ord

Now they’ve finally re-designed it, and it’s a big update, it includes a bunch of interesting stuff for people looking into getting an Aquatech housing system and even just water shooters in general.

The bit that’s most useful is the manuals page, I didn’t get a paper manual with mine, but I did get a very useful typed up sheet of tips and instructions and a good talk through the main stuff on how to take care of it and use it in the best way, so this manual fills the gap nicely with the technical tips on getting the best from the housing I have.

Now you can download the PDF manual for any of their housings and for the lens ports, which both contain useful information on maintenance and care for the products which you can apply to any other brand of housing too.

Aquatech Ambassadors page with photo by James Morgan

The other part of the site to check out for general interest is the Ambassadors page, featuring a host of names that will be familiar to you if you’ve read much of this blog or checked out the links to surf photographers websites in the resources section.

All of them have a little bio a photo and video gallery and an  list of the equipment they use, worth checking out if you have some time spare, even the non-surfing photographers have some really inspiring work on there.



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