New Flat Rate International Shipping From Aquatech

You might have read my post on the LP port sale from Aquatech where I lamented the super high international shipping costs of the sale items, specifically the LP-TZ 4 Lens Port for the Canon 70-200mm f4 lens that I love so much.

James Diffey waits for the next one, shooting from the cliff with the 70-200mm lens, if I’d had the port it could have been a lot more dramatic. ISO 100, 200mm, f8, 1/400

Well now they are offering flat rate shipping internationally based on the weight of the item which brings the price of shipping for this port down from $137.27 to $25, quite a saving.

Read more here:

I’m pretty sure it’s US dollars not Australian dollars that the site works in (why don’t they just make it clear for us international buyers?), I thought it was Australian before as I assumed they were an Aussie company for some reason, but this makes the price for the port and shipping a relatively reasonable £167.

If I hadn’t just bought another vintage water housing on eBay, and broken my camera by dropping it on the floor (there’s a post coming soon on home contents insurance, upgrading your camera body and possibly lens testing/repair procedures) I would be very tempted to grab this port to complete my collection.


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