New Water Housing From Liquid Eye

Liquid Eye are one of the few housing manufacturers that create surf housings for a wide range of entry and mid level DSLR’s, their new housing, the C1795 is suited to both high end models like the Canon 5D Mark III and more basic camera bodies like the Canon 60D, and it promises to offer decent features at a competitive price.

The new Liquid Eye C1795 housing
The new Liquid Eye C1795 housing

Read more about it in this post on Surf Photographers United:

The prices, as is typical of custom housing manufacturers, are not published on the site, so if you’re keen to get a quote you’ll want to contact Liquid Eye to find out how much your specific configuration will cost.

It’s a really nice looking housing, as it’s made from epoxy resin and fibreglass (as far as I can tell) it will be lighter than most other options, but still strong enough to withstand any surf you’re likely to want to swim in.

Features vary according to what you’d like, but pretty much anything you could want is available, perhaps the only thing missing is a flash sync bulkhead for using an external flash.

I’m going to prepare a water housing comparison page some time soon so you can easily compare the C1795 to similar options from the big manufacturers, the Slant X from Essex, Epic series from Aquatech, and the SPL splash housings all spring to mind as alternatives which can be hard to choose between.

Take a look at the current range of Liquid Eye housings, and contact them at their website:



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2 responses to “New Water Housing From Liquid Eye”

  1. Beñat Usabiaga Eskobar Avatar

    Hi ben,
    Im interested in this housing for my 60d
    Did you make the comparison between the two housings??
    Thanks for this post :)

    1. Ben Pascoe Avatar

      Hi Beñat,
      Unfortunately I didn’t get around to doing the full comparison of water housings, you can find links to the major surf housing manufacturers here though:

      Which alternative were you looking at to the Liquid Eye?

      I’ve not used a Liquid Eye myself but I’ve seen one up close and I’ve heard only good things about them.

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