Phillips TV Ad – Featuring Night Surfing

They now make TV’s that project lights from the back to match the edge of the screen, to illustrate this Phillips had Sweetgrass Productions shoot this advert with Chippa Wilson and Damien Hobgood surfing in a wave pool and the Maldives with what I assume were a crap-load of high powered coloured lights.

It’s pretty cool, I like the idea a lot and it’s definitely a bit different, in this article Chris Cote says the LED board they ride is one of a kind, well not exactly, I actually had a close look at one at the start of 2012 that’s very similar, it was made by Pukas in Spain, the strips of LED’s are embedded in the deck and bottom and cycle through a series of colours, here’s a video of the creator talking about it and here’s some video of it in action.

The use of mega light rigs and wave pools is also reminiscent of this Nike video featuring Julian Wilson, there’s also the Bruce Irons flare shot in Indo that springs to mind, so maybe not groundbreaking but it combines elements of things done before and executes it as well or better and I think it works well to illustrate the latest TV selling gimmick must have feature.

In other unrelated Sweetgrass Productions news watch this video of skiing in a forest from their movie Valhalla, then make sure you watch the behind the scenes video too, it’s nuts, and it leads me to believe that they might do a behind the scenes of this one too, that would be good to see.

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