Riptide Magazine Photographer of the Year – Nominees

Bodyboarding magazine Riptide has announced the nominees for their photographer of the year:

They are:

Rod Owen, Luke Shadbolt, Sacha Specker, Phil Gallagher and Ray Collins.

If you like any of the photo’s I’d recommend right clicking on them and selecting “view image”, this will open them up a bit bigger than the default layout on the page.

My favourite image from their post is this one of Pierre Louis Costes by Sacha Specker:

PLC, photo by Sacha Specker
PLC, photo by Sacha Specker, ISO 125, 10mm, f7.1, 1/800

I can tell from the exif data (full post coming up soon featuring an excellent tool for analysing photographs exif data) that it was shot on a Canon 7D with the Canon 8-15mm fisheye, at 10mm, I’m a sucker for this angle and I’d love to try it out, I just don’t surf with too may other people very often in this kind of wave, I’m often out there on my own if it’s hollow at one of the local spots, but next time it’s good and someone I know is surfing and up for trying it out I’ll give it a go.

Check out the link above for more on this award and remember, if you click on one of the names tagged underneath this post you can see all the other posts about that person or theme.

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