SoloShot 2 – Improved Self Filming

Soloshot have recently released details on the SoloShot 2, in my opinion this is what it the original should have been, if you’re not familiar with the product it’s basically a motorised tripod head that tracks a GPS unit that you wear on your arm when your surfing.

The new version doesn’t just track you by panning, it can also tilt and with an optional extra (presumably only if your camera is compatible) it can start and stop recording too.

I had the chance to test one of the original SoloShot devices, but I didn’t have the right day to try it out properly, what I did discover was that it takes a very long time to get a GPS lock, much longer than my phone, tablet and my Blade 350QX quadcopter, the charging set-up was also a pain, basically, it wasn’t very user friendly.

Hopefully they’ve addressed these issues, the start stop recording should be included as standard, it’s essential if you ask me, and I’m not really convinced about the token anti theft lock, I don’t surf anywhere where there’s a fence or something to chain it to, and then any thief can just unscrew your camera and walk off with it anyway…

About the only surf scenario where I can see it working really well is if someone’s already on the beach sitting next to the camera and is too bad at, or bored with, filming to press a button and turn a tripod for you.

Where I can see it being a valuable tool is as a training aid, having endless footage of the same angle of a wave with you in the middle of the frame is not something too engaging for anyone else, but it’s perfect for improving your technique, in the same way as a GoPro camera mounted to your board would be.

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