SPL – “First Housing Under $1000” Advert in Surfing Magazine

I saw a post on the surf images blog about an advert SPL had in the latest Surfing magazine, unfortunately I couldn’t find a copy in the local newsagent when I checked last week so all there is to go on is the image in the post.

The advert shows the Canon Rebel Splash housing:

SPL Splash Housings, photo from SPL website
SPL Splash Housings, photo from SPL website

The bullet point list, as far as I can make out, reads:

Housings come equipped with:

  • One wide angle or fisheye port
  • Detachable Flash Option
  • Photo/Video controls
  • Exposure Controls
  • Neoprene Port Cover
  • Custom Leash
  • Pistol Grip

The SPL website says that they are supplied with “the Camera housing with slider trey [sic] and back plate. You choose from T3i, T4i, T5i”

If you’re not in the USA, the T3i is the Canon 600D, T4i is the 650D and the T5i is the 700D.

Frustratingly there’s still no prices published on the SPL site, but I’m guessing from the headline of the advert it’s going to be $999, now that the price is being touted you’d think they’d just make it clear on the site and sell them through a proper on line store, where you can find out about shipping options and prices too, I’m sure having to e-mail to find out this stuff puts off some people.

Saying that, I have e-mailed SPL in the past (when I was going to be in California for a week or two and could have picked up a housing in person) and got a response very quickly which answered all my questions, so don’t hesitate if you are interested, I’m sure you’ll get good service, it’s just a bit annoying that you can’t just order a housing on line.

This is a great value set-up and certainly works out cheaper than any new alternative, you can still pick up a second hand housing for less than this, but I can understand why someone would want a brand new housing as it’s such a critical piece of kit. I don’t know anyone who’s had one of these housings but I know a few who have the SPL aluminium ones and have been happy with them, and this one’s a lot like my own Aquatech CR-60, so I expect it will work well.

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