Stab Mag – Photo Lyfe – Quinn Matthews

There’s a new Photo Lyfe article on Stab Mag and it features young photographer Quinn Matthews.

It’s worth a look for some inspiration, basically the photographers all answer the same questions with a photo, one of the images has featured on this site before, from way back in 2012 when it appeared in the post about The Inertias 2012 image wrap up. I love the

You can find links to all the previous articles in the series in my previous post on the Photo Lyfe features.

That’s also where you’ll see one of my images in response to question 4, and my pledge to answer a new question eaqch time there’s a new Photo Lyfe feature published, I’ll re-post the original image too so eventually you’ll see them all together:

2: Where are you from?


4: Where do you wish you were right now?

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