Surf Splendor Podcast

Just a quick post to tell you to check out the Surf Splendor podcast.

I love podcasts, I listen to them every day, many on the subject of photography and a few entertainment one’s too, this is a new favourite.

For starters watch this video interview with Morgan Maassen (and listen to episode 3 of the podcast that goes with it for the full interview), it’s 9 minutes of pure gold for anyone wanting to be a surf photographer:

Morgan Maassen Interview from David Lee Scales on Vimeo.

I’m slowly ploughing through all the back catalogue of podcasts, some of it is current affairs and a lot is more to do with shaping and surf history, but there’s generally always some interesting stuff in there for anyone learning surf photography.

Some are more interesting for surf photographers than others, you’ll want to listen to this one first in particular:

Episode 003: The Art & Business of Surf Photography Featuring Morgan Maassen and Aaron Chang.

Aaron Chang does a good job of dispelling a lot of myths about the film days of surf photography, curiously Morgan Maassen has a similar, albeit modern day equivalent, route into the industry and offers some excellent nuts and bolts advice on being a professional, including sacrifices you will need to make and how to better present yourself on line.







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