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Surfer Magazine Best Photo’s of 2013 – Deeper Analysis

By now you’ve probably seen quite a few best of 2013 style posts, I’ve already mentioned The inertia and Stab Mag’s offerings on learningsurfphotography.com, but this one from Surfer magazine is especially interesting to budding surf photographers and definitely warrants a deeper analysis: http://www.surfermag.com/photos/best-photos-2013 For starters, all the images are first class, with many of […]

Morgan Maassen – Interview/Gallery

There’s an interview with Morgan Maassen on surfcareers.com, it’s pretty brief but there’s a few interesting questions about how he got started in the career, he echoes Eugene Tan’s advice to Shoot every day when asked what tips he has for anyone learning surf photography: http://surfcareers.com/blog/morgan-maassen-photographer/ Do you have any advice for people wanting to […]