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I’ve had a couple of these bookmarked for a while but just saw the latest one (featuring Brian Bielman) had gone up, and thought I’d try and catch up so I can be on top of the next one when it hits.

basically they ask a series of questions and the photographer answers with one of their photographs, not sure how much insight you really get into the photographer, but it’s a fun way to present a gallery which always includes a couple of shots that wouldn’t have made it into a standard interview.

Stab explain it better than I can:

Welcome to PhotoLyfe, in which Stab‘s favourite photographers answer questions about themselves with their own images. It’s that old picture-tells-a-thousand-words chestnut but with more colour and pop. It’s a way to cut out all the bullshit. It’s like jacking into the main vein of those who supply us with exquisite surf imagery every day. Give thanks by studying each image with a more careful eye than ever!

So here’s the photographers so far, click through the links to see their images, and read on here for one of mine too.

All worth checking out, I think I liked Alan Van Gysen and Laserwolf the best.

They all get asked the same ten questions, I don’t think I’ve got enough of a back catalogue to answer them all with surfing photo’s, so here’s one of mine, I’ll try to answer another one of the questions myself each time Stab releases another Photolyfe feature:

4: Where do you wish you were right now?

Bundoran - 2003
Bundoran – 2003

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