This is Nowhere by Jeremy Koreski – Kickstarter

I’ve admired Jeremy Koreski’s photography for a few years, I can’t remember the first time I saw one of his photos, but he’s got one of those styles that makes his shots instantly recognisable, and I think that’s what all photographers aspire to in the end.

He’s currently got a Kick Starter project running to fund a book called This is Nowhere, see more here:

About 30 seconds in I decided to pledge, the most popular option is for a signed copy of the book for 55 Canadian dollars, all in with shipping it cost me about £50, it’s cheaper to ship to the USA and Canada as you’d expect.

By compiling my best photos from the British Columbia coast from the last 15 years, I want to showcase my home and demonstrate the importance of preserving it for the future.

From the video and the work I’ve seen in the past I am fully expecting it to have some of the best surf photography I’ve seen in it, as well as breathtaking landscapes and wildlife shots.

I can’t wait to get my copy, but it hasn’t reached the goal yet, so get on Kick Starter now and back this project, if only so that I can guarantee I get my copy.

here’s the link again

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