3D Printed GoPro Dome Port: SWG-Dome

Here’s some exciting GoPro Dome news for you, I’ve had a lot of questions about the best value way to get a GoPro Dome port and now Jakob Wittmann, with the help of Noel Galvez and Christian Salgado, designers on shapeways.com, presents a 3D printed back plate for various sizes of dome..

The SWG-Dome is compatible with the Hero 4 style housing (which fits the Hero 3, 3+ and 4 range of cameras), has controls for on/off and can be used with a handle like the GoPole Bobber.


The system is called SWG-Dome, it stands for Sub Water Gadget, here are a couple of links for more information:

And here’s an un-boxing video from Jakob, there should be more to come, I’ve seen some example shots and some close-ups of the dome being put together already and it looks like a really promising option for budget conscious GoPro users who want to capture an over/under style of shot.

Why Do I Need A GoPro Dome?

Have a look at my video on why you’d want to use this kind of dome port and my hand son review of the SPL GoPro dome port here: SPL GoPro Dome Port and Housing – First Impressions

I’ve also heard that the KNEKT version should be back in stock in the not too distant future so hopefully I’ll be able to bring you a full review, for now check out the preview here: KNEKT Dome for GoPro Now Available

If you can’t wai to see more and want some ideas on how to make your own DIY GoPro Dome port check out Ian Matsko’s step by step instructions here: Ian Matsko’s DIY GoPro Dome Port

I’ll put up more information, like which bolts and which domes work best as soon as I get the chance, I suggest subscribing to Jakob’s Youtube channel and liking the Facebook page if you want to see updates as soon as they are available.



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