KNEKT Dome for GoPro Now Available

The KNEKT Dome port is here, you can now purchase the KSD6 dome port for $299 from Amazon:

Photo from KNEKT website showing the GPLT trigger and the KSD6 dome port
Photo from KNEKT website showing the GPLT trigger and the KSD6 dome port

It connects to your GoPro housing and offers control over all the buttons, so you can use it with most other accessories including the KNEKT pistol grip style triggers that I really rate highly for surf photography.

This is now the option that I’d recommend getting if you are after a dome port for your GoPro camera, here’s my video showing you why you’d want to use this kind of dome port for your GoPro (The dome port in the video is the SPL version, which is more expensive and offers less control):

So here’s the new set-up that I’d recommend for anyone wanting to shoot surf photo’s with their GoPro camera:

  • GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition – $399.99 – it has the same still modes as the Black edition, and a screen on the back
  • KNEKT GP4 Trigger – $149.99 – A fantastic, lightweight trigger that gives you a pistol grip style shutter release and works with the new Knekt dome port
  • KNEKT KWT wrist leash – $24.99 – I use mine on my Aquatech housing and my Knekt trigger, it’s the best leash for a water housing I have ever used, it’s just the right length for any pistol grip style housing.
  • KNEKT KSD6 Dome Port – $299 – The best dome port for your GoPro – this is optional and will allow you to take over/under style photo’s which you cannot take any other way with your GoPro camera.

If you’re still not sure if you want to invest $299 in a dome port for your GoPro you should check out this post which details Ian Matsko’s excellent DIY GoPro dome which ended up costing quite a bit less than any of the commercial options.


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