Aerial Footage of Pipe – What Gear Was Used?

Pipeline Winter 2013 from Eric Sterman on Vimeo.

This is a great aerial video which has been doing the viral surf video rounds, it’s produced by Hawaiian Eric Sterman, and naturally I wanted to know what kind of kit he was using to get these images, and compare it to my own drone video gear.

After a browse on his Instagram account I’m pretty sure this is his set-up:

So for about £1000 (and a lot of patient practice) you can produce the type of images featured in this clip, pretty amazing when you think a photography flight in a real helicopter will set you back about $700 an hour. You can see why quad copters are so appealing to surf photographers in particular, offering a relatively unique angle on wave riding.

The UK has been experiencing the longest spell of strong winds and rain that I can remember so although I’ve been getting plenty of waves and had some chances to take photo’s, I haven’t flown my Blade 350QX in weeks, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to use it on my holiday to New Zealand which is coming up in February.

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