Burg Thurston – The Revolution of an Idea – a Why-To video

Burg Thurston takes photo’s which mostly feature really heavy, beautiful waves in Australia, and he makes videos using a GoPro and some unique home made mounts.

I’ve linked over to his site before when I was talking about drone photography with the GoPro, definitely one to check out for some inspiration on photography and GoPro video:

The Revolution of an Idea. from Burg Thurston on Vimeo.

In this latest video he talks you through the rotating GoPro board mount he built, it’s more of a Why-To video than a How-To, you wont find parts lists or instructions, instead Burg narrates the videos featuring the mount and the resulting footage and gives you the story behind it.

If you are interested in making one of the spinning board mounts yourself there are enough close-ups of the various rigs used to get you started, and if you need more inspiration than that to get going you probably haven’t taken on board the message of the video.

The mount reminds me a little bit of the spinning helmet cam I made about three years ago which had two GoPro’s at opposite ends, it was totally impractical for anything but maybe I’ll dust it off for some SUP action soon.

Dual Spinning GoPro HD helmet mount from Ben Pascoe on Vimeo.

Get out there and make something (don’t let every day stuff like tidying your kitchen get in the way, 3 years later I’m glad I put off doing the housework to spend an afternoon making that pointless spinning helmet cam rig).

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