My Sony a6000 Water Housing – Adapting A DSLR Housing

I know there are many people looking for a Sony a6000 Water Housing for surf photography, so I put together a video showing the modifications I’ve made to my Aquatech CR-60 housing which allow me to use my Sony a6000 camera body and all my lenses inside.

Although this process was specifically for the CR-60 housing you’re going to be able to use these instructions to adapt pretty much any surf housing designed for a DSLR style camera to create a Sony a6000 water housing.

If you need to know if your old housing will match up to your new camera I recommend the excellent website, it will allow you to put the two cameras side by side at the same scale, the dimensions are listed with them and you can easily see if the controls match up with the different angles offered for each camera.

What do you need?

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Page 1: Video & Parts List

Page 2: Positioning Your Sony a6000

Page 3: Taking A Photo

Page 4: Using Different Lenses In Your Housing

Page 5: Adding Controls & Conclusion

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