Wavelength – New Issue and Last Day To Crowdfund

Issue 233 of Wavelength magazine is available now, I’ve got my copy and I’m stoked to see my first double page spread in the your month in surfing section (pages 22 and 23 if you’ve got a copy yourself), along with a couple of smaller photo’s in there too.

I’ll be doing a full post on the shots I got published fairly soon, you can read a bit more about the issue on wavelengths site here: http://www.wavelengthmag.co.uk/issue-233-shelves/

There's loads of great photo's like this one of Oli Adams by Tim Nunn
There’s loads of great photo’s like this one of Oli Adams by Tim Nunn

The main reason for this post though is to remind you that new Wavelength editor Tim Nunn is running a crowdfunding campaign, it’s got less than 24 hours left to run so you don’t have long left to pledge your support, they’ve already hit the target but you can still help out and get some decent rewards too.


Get on there and pledge if you can, there’s chances to get your photo on the cover of the August issue (that’s what I’ve gone for, probably the only chance I’ll get to have a cover shot…), a photography workshop with Tim Nunn and even editorial input to the magazine itself.


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