New GoPro Camera – GoPro Hero+ LCD

GoPro have announced a new camera in their range, the GoPro Hero+ LCD, it looks like a hybrid of the two GoPro’s that I currently have, the GoPro Hero and the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

The case has got most in common with the budget end GoPro Hero, you can’t take it out, although you can remove the back door (allowing you to use a floaty back door and something like my DIY GPS BacPac), and it’s in the same sized case as the other Hero 4 range of cameras.

Will the GoPro Hero+ LCD work with my KNEKT dome port and trigger?

Yes, it’s the same form factor as a Hero 4 which is good news for people who want to use it with a KNEKT pistol grip trigger, or the KNEKT KSD6 Dome port, as it will be compatible with the full range of accessories that the Hero 4 cameras work with.

The still photo capabilities are somewhere in between the two cameras I have, the resolution is 8MP but there’s no mention at this stage of the burst mode capabilities (although it looks promising as the time lapse can do a photo every 0.5 seconds, like the Hero 4).

The GoPro Hero+ LCD shoots 1080p at 60 frames per second, that’s really good for surf footage, and one of the modes I use most on my Hero 4 Silver, it also shoots 720p at 60fps, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that frame rate gets a boost with a firmware update, just like the Hero 4 Black did some time after it’s launch.

It’s also got the wifi and bluetooth connectivity that the Hero 4 range of cameras have, so you can use it with the app or remote control.

So far so good, I’ll put up an update when the official announcement is made with the full spec’s.


  1. Hi! Great video. This is the only source that I have found that says the dome works with the Hero+HD with LCD, which is exactly what I have. Everywhere I have looked says the dome works with the Hero4 or 3, but doesn’t say anything about the Hero+. Because this is the only place I have seen that says it ALSO works with the Hero+, is there any way you can confirm it works? Have you tried it before? Have others?

    1. Hi Julia,

      I haven’t tried the Hero+ with the Knekt dome, but I have tried the standard Hero (the one without wifi or an LCD) and it worked fine.

      The key is that the case and front element in particular of the Hero and Hero+ are exactly the same size as the Hero 4 case, so although you can’t remove the case from the Hero or Hero+, they are compatible with the KNEKT dome because it attaches directly to the case.|

      If you have any doubts I’d recommend contacting KNEKT direct, they will probably have tried it out and if not they can confirm that it will work fine for the reasons above.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Joanna,

      I’m pretty sure the KNEKT KSD6 dome would work, I’ve tried the GoPro Hero camera in the KNEKT dome, and I think the Hero and Hero + LCD housings are the same size.

      I’d contact KNEKT directly to confirm if it is compatible before purchasing though:

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